Monday, May 17, 2010

Easy Peasy Spring Rhubarb Sauce

Another reason I love spring is

This is an easy recipe to help you use your rhubarb. If you don't grow your own, pick some up at your local farmer's market.

Here's what you do to make this easy, peasy spring rhubarb sauce.

1) Cut a bunch of rhubarb from the garden or buy some from your Farmer's Market.

2) Slice the rhubarb into bite sized pieces and place in a microwaveable dish or bowl. I always cover mine when I cook it.

3) Cook, covered, in micorwave for, approximately, 5 minutes on high.
You'll know the rhubarb is done when it's soft and liquidy. (I have found that I don't even need to add water.)

4) Since I don't use sugar, I add Splenda at this point. (If you use sugar, I can only assume that you would add the sugar to taste before you cook the rhubarb.) I add Splenda until I like the taste.

See what I mean? Easy, peasy!

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