Saturday, May 29, 2010

The End of All About Me Week!

Talk about being self centered! I proved that this week--the All about ME week! I suppose it's all right once in a while. Normally, I love to promote other people, but this week, I was just stuck on ME ME ME!

So, get it while you can. This is the last of it this week.

Here's a lizard on a lentil that I made. He's in my Etsy store now.
Check him out here. He's a cute guy. Maybe his name should be Lenny the Lizard? I don't know. It's just being silly!

This is a lizard vessel I made today. It was so hard to make. It really was. I've never attempted a lizard on a vessel before. I'm kind of proud of him or her.

Just a thought to throw out to you. The next work in our lampwork play on words challenge is: AMUSING. What do you think of when you hear the word amusing. I'm drawing a blank on this one. Help me, please!

That's all for now. Thus ends the week of all about ME! ME! ME!

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