Thursday, May 6, 2010

So, one day, I was trying to copy

Lauren of May Beads, Marcy of Studio Marcy, and Nikki of NLC Beads, I realized what talented artists these ladies are! Do you realize how hard it is to make such small beads and add detail and personality to your critters? Let me show you examples of my work. It's not as good as theirs, but it is getting better. You can check their stores to see the great stuff.

Ever try to make a cow bead? The color of choice was purple. This little bead is about an inch all around. Trying to get the details in that small space was a challenge! That little cow's nostrils almost didn't make it on his face, but were sliding south past his, uh hum, equator? That would have been most interesting. I do think that a youngster in Beads of Courage would still like this little guy.

This little dino looks okay, but if you look at his face, you can see the challenges! It could be better, and I'm learning. My admiration for Lauren, Marcy, and Nikki has increased 1000%! I hope to develop more skills and learn to give these critters personality! I'm impressed with what Lauren, Mary, and Nikki do with their beads! Beads of Courage, here comes this dino!

How about this frog on a lily pad? He looks almost good enough to sell, but trust me, these small beads are hard to make. He has his flaws, but I do think he will be loved by a child in the BOC program.

This is my last try. Samuel actually turned out all right. He was the last critter I made that day. Practice does help. However, in the spirit of the day, Samuel will be making his way to Beads of Courage. I can't let him not join his friends in bringing a smile to a child's face. Also, be sure to visit, May Beads, Studio Marcy, and NLC Beads.
You will see some amazing critter beads!


Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Mallory, thank you for your kind comments, but I think you're underestimating yourself. Your little critters are adorable. My favorite from that group has to be your owl. What a cutie. Keep it up! I love seeing what you're making.

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Marcy, but I only showed the good sides on those critters. They are still very wonky, but they are improving. I love that little owl, too. He's already in my BOC box. Thanks.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Mallory - I think my favorite is the Dino and the BOC kids are going to love the beads. You are just to cute and this article is picked some mighty talented people.antsu

Blanche and Guy said...

I know what you mean! My husband makes glass frog beads and I still don't know how the heck he manages to get those legs, arms, eyes, fingers and toes on that tiny little bead. Keep it up! Practice makes perfect!