Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Making Vessels Again

It's been awhile since I made vessels, but I wanted a fire vessel to wear around here. Here's a photo of it! What do you think?

If the truth be told, I wanted a vessel to wear at the Bead and Button Show which is coming up very soon. Then I realized, as I shaped and blew this vessel into form I had forgotten how much I enjoyed making vessels. So, I dipped my mandrels so that they would be ready for tomorrow's torch session.
I'm making vessels again!

Here's a vessel I have listed in my Etsy store right now. This organic style vessel is so very pretty!

I call this vessel Broken Shell Vessel. It's a vessel that does not hold anything. The front of the vessel is open so that it looks like a shell.

I'll be showing more vessels as I make them. I'm also looking for a bag of vessels that I had, but now, I've lost! I probably put them away. I'll probably find them in a year of so. I guess that I had better get to work and make more vessels to replace them. Photos to follow later.

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Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Nice Vessels! I'll be looking forward to seeing the one at B&B.