Thursday, February 10, 2011


Thanks so Rosemarie, of Spawn of Flame,
I discovered a Word Press Blog called the Daily Press.
In this blog there is a weekly photo challenge.
This week's photo challenge is called Boundaries.
Here is my entry for Boundaries.

Some boundaries are soft and blurred.
We have to decide whether to push the envelope to find our true boundaries.
Some boundaries are a long way away.
We can only define them by what we see and hear.
Some boundaries are more clearly defined.
We know where they end and where they begin.
Some boundaries are those we can see on the horizon.
We know where the sky meets the earth.
We keep traveling to find that boundary.
I think I like these boundaries the best.
They are the ones that are the most beautiful!

Which boundaries do you like the best?


Sharon Driscoll said...

Like the boundary concept Mallory

rosemarie h. said...

It was funny Mallory - after I read that the photo theme was boundaries, I started to see them everywhere!

You did a great job running with the theme.