Monday, February 7, 2011

Le Ann Gehring-Ryan Mankato Artist Reflecting on her Life

If you live in Mankato, Minnesota,
you will be pleased to know that Le Ann Gehring-Ryan is exhibiting her art work at the
Carnige Art Center of Mankato.
I've known Le Ann for several years.
We used to teach at the same high school, West High School, in Mankato.
Le Ann is an art teacher there.
Two years ago, on February 5th,
Le Ann had a stroke.
As Le Ann came back from her stroke,
she realized how much her life had changed.
I would visit her, and I watched her progress.
Her art became a focal point in her life.
You will see the paintings that she created after her stroke.
They show her feelings about recovery,
the journey she had to take.
Now, as I walked through the gallery,
I took photos.
I forgot to write down the names of Le Ann's paintings.
Some I can guess.
well, all I can say is let them tell you the story.

This is a mixed media self portrait of Le Ann.
She's a lovely woman.
I know the name of this one.
Light at the End of the Tunnel.
I don't remember the name of this painting, but I like it!
Le Ann often portrays herself as a crow.
Note the bandaids.
I love this one.
This depicts Le Ann's special friend, Charley, taking care of her.
I think this one was called
As the Crow Flies.
I remember when Le Ann started this painting.
She was in the early stages of recovery.
Note the damage to her brain.
Pushing up Daisies, I think.
I don't remember the name of this one.
I do remember the name of this one.
Fork in the Road.
I think was called
Learning to Write Again.
Le Ann had to learn to write again.
Self Portrait.
Note the bandaids.
She had a lot to do to recover.
What a vision of your mind.

Thanks, Le Ann, for sharing your art with us!
Isn't she an amazing artist?
What a journey for her.

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