Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Painting Again or This is Wonderful Therapy Too and It's a Lot Cheaper Than a Shrink

It just seemed the thing to do one day.
I pulled out an old canvas,
I started painting again!
I had been trying to find other ways to use my beads,
painting seems to be a great therapy,
as well as,
another way to use my beads.

My mantra this year,
There are lots of beads in this one!

My favorite
On the Wings of Angels.
Minimalist in the use of beads,
by far,
the one I like the best.

Now, what's your favorite therapy?


ssprockets said...

Reading your blog is one of my favorite therapies. I love the hope painting.

rosebud101 said...

Thank you! I love Hope, too!

Maggie said...

My favorite is HOPE. Think it's the cheery colors and design. Looks like you are having fun! I plan on starting some mixed media projects soon. I've been collecting.