Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I visited my doctor today, and he thinks I need to get more exercise

So, instead of a chair, I added an exercise to my work set up.  I can bounce and burn more calories.  I can strengthen my core muscles whenever I work (out) on my computer.  I think this will help.   I only wish I could add this to my torch.  The ball is very comfortable.  You do have to work to keep your back straight and not slumped.  I see this as a real benefit. 

So, What do you think?  How do you workout when you work?  I'd love to hear your answers!


Nissa said...

I can guarantee that you are not the only one who needs to add exercise to their schedule! I tend to consider walking back and forth between classes my exercise, I need to add more since my mid-section is increasing :(
Good luck!

Barbara Bechtel said...

I would love to know how the ball works out! I have terrible posture and I'm terrible with exercise. I recently read or heard that even if you stand more that it is helpful as we're just not supposed to be sitting so much so I've been trying to stand more while I'm working in the studio.

Patty said...

I'm not claiming I use it every day, but a balance pad (a flat ball, essentially) is great to use while you take phone calls, and can be put on your regular chair to get the same effect with your core while torching or using the computer.

Have a ball! ;-)

Denise Price said...

Don't laugh, but I spend half and hour each day putting away the clean, folded laundry. I put on music and fast walk around the house, putting away items one at a time. I get a cardio workout, and the laundry gets put away, albeit slowly. Hey, whatever works!