Thursday, August 4, 2011

Manuela Wutschke - An Amazing, Jaw Dropping Glass Artist on Etsy!

As I perused Manuela's Etsy store,
my jaw dropped and hit the floor!
It was so hard to choose just a few of her magnificent works of art to showcase in this blog!
I've picked some, but please check out her store.
There are so many amazing beads and works of wearable art there,
it REALLY was hard to choose!

Amazing, right?
This beautiful work of art is called Looking at the Sea Fish Lentil Bead.
I love it!
Do you see the fish?
His big, beautiful, golden eye looks down for food.
This work is magnificent!

Oh, the beauty of coral for the summer months!
The beauty of this work from Manuela!
and it's one of a kind.
It is entirely handmade by Manuela!
Oh, my, goodness!
This piece takes my breath away!

I love Manuela's Whimsical beads, too.  Look at all the detail in this bead!
Each bead tells a short story to those who look closely!

Oh, my!  My jaw is still on the floor after seeing this neckpiece!
It is amazing!
It is one of a kind.  It is all handmade by Manuela!
There are 136 wave beads in this work of wearable art!
Like, WOW!
Oh, I almost forgot, this piece is called,
It really is!

Now, in this short tour of Manuela's Etsy Store,
I didn't do justice to her work,
I know that, 
but, if you follow her on Etsy, you will be able to see an amazing array of beads and jewelry!


Beadwright said...

Wowowow her glass is amazing!!! That first piece is jaw dropping.

Manuela said...

Thank you dear Mallory, you are such a warm hearted darling always bringing sunshine in my heart.
♥♥♥ Manuela