Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Newbie Bead Memories

I love you!
I was once a newbie's newbie.
I would use expensive glasses for those wonky spacers I made.
Almost all my beads had sharp ends.
Some of them looked funky because they were wonky.
(It was an accident.)
I called it creativity.
I remember once opening the kiln to see red beads in there.
Knowing I had no red glass, then checking on the glass I used.
It was clear with a red line in the middle.
Little did I know it was a striking red glass, and it struck in the klin.
Next came jewelry.
Wonky then. Wonky now.
Made with wonky beads.
You know, I still have that first bracelet I made with wonky spacers that look like discs.
I still call it creativity.

This really is creative!
What do you call creative?  
There are so many happy accidents out there.  
What are your happy accidents?

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