Monday, August 1, 2011

My Etsy Store Has Lampwork Beads in it AGAIN plus a couple of new items!

Things are going on in my Etsy store again!
Now that I'm home!!!!! I can access my lampwork beads!
I've also added a couple of FORJENNY items.
Her medical bills are starting to come in from the stem cell transplant!
Let me introduce you to Hope.  She's a new addition to the FORJENNY section in my Etsy store. 
Now, if you've been reading this blog for a bit, you might remember that my mantra this year is
This is another personification of the word Hope.
Hope is inexpensively priced at $5.
All the proceeds from the FORJENNY section go to Jenny.

I'd like to introduce you to JOY!  Joy is an off shoot of HOPE, and she is full of Joy!
Joy is also located in the FORJENNY section.
Take a peek.
She is also inexpensively priced at $5.
Again, the proceeds from any sale in the FORJENNY section will go to Jenny.
I hope to be adding more to that section soon.
Glass Headpins are back, too!  I hope to be adding more to that section in the next few days.
These headpins are named Spork.
I don't know why.  They just needed a name.

These discs  remind me of a t.Tropical Sunset.  They really are pretty, too!
I hope to be adding more to the Discs section soon.

These silvered cobalt accent beads are some of my favorites!  I love them, and I think they can be used in so many ways!  They were developed as the result of a suggestion from a client who loved the combination of cobalt blue and silver!

Well, there's a lot more in the store now.  If you want to see anything else, you're going to have to take a peek!  I'm off now.
Shark week is on!  Whoever thought they could fly out of the water?


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Patty said...

Welcome back, Mallory! It must feel good to be home in your creative space again, now that Jenny is on her feet again.

Joy looks just like my favorite dancer on So You Think You Can Dance!