Monday, August 22, 2011

New Glass from Gaffer Glass. I love it and I want to marry it!!!

Purple Rose
Doesn't that conjure up images of beauty?
I love this glass, and I do want to marry it!
It is amazing!
Take a look here!
The colors in this photo are very true to life.
That glass is amazing.
The color becomes muted when encased, but the variants come through the glass as it's worked in the flame.
Notice the colors that come out in this heart.  There is a lot of varigation.
I found that this glass will actually fume a bit as it's worked in the flame.
When you cool it, and work it with the marver,
you can bring out different colors in the glass.
This lentil is very simple.  I used a little bit of frit in it.  That changed the colors in parts of the bead.  It added a touch of new color to the glass. 
This would be an elegant piece worn on a simple cord, wouldn't it?
I love this new Gaffer glass!

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Maybeads said...

Omg - it's gorgeous! I love that purple! Beautiful beads, Mallory! I'll come to the wedding.