Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Exchange on Lampwork Etc.

After a couple of years, I have started to participate in exchanges again on Lampworketc.
Right now, the Big Hole Bead Exchange is going on and it's been fun!
I use these exchanges as an opportunity to hone my skills on a particular type of bead.
Big Hole Beads
this time.
I also enjoy getting to know my fellow participants.
Everyone ends up with lovely beads.
The rules in this exchange say that we should send 5-10 beads.
We will receive the same number in return.
I realized today that I am one bead short for this exchange.
I have more time to make that bead.  
How big do the holes have to be on these beads?
The smallest holes should be around 1/4 inch or big enough to fit the Euro Style bracelets.
Other than that, the sky is the limit.

These are the beads that I am sending as a hostess giftie.  I hope Cori likes them.

Vanilla ice cream anyone?

Want a chocolate ice cream cone?

How about a chocolate covered cherry?

I even managed to core one bead?  Can you believe it's cored with aluminum tubing?

Here's what the bead looks like.

I love the way the twistie melted in this bead.

How about an animal skin bead?

Murrini melted and encased.

The hole on this bead is 1/2 inches.

Here's a group shot.
Now there's only one bead left to go!
I'll post that later.


Kokopelli said...

LIKE! Awesome beads. I especially like the ham and egg. So much fun.

Maggie said...

Those look great Mallory! I'm sure the hostess will love them. It's been about a year since I did an exchange. I'm like you, they help me learn and grow as an artist.

Beadwright said...

Wow! some of these really do look good enough to eat.