Thursday, May 31, 2012

I think I see beads in the future of this furniture!

Mary Clare volunteered Tom to make Pixie a new table on which to dine.
Yes, she has her own table.
As I carried her old table out to wash it down,
the table, literally, fell apart in my hands. 
By that evening, Pixie had a new table!
However, I do have to paint it,
so, until the painting is finished,
Pixie is eating off a kitchen chair.
She's such a diva!!!!!

Here's her new, unfinished table.

Isn't this nice?
We calculated, roughly, that the old table, having been through 2 dogs and Pixie was almost 20 years old.

Pixie will enjoy her new table.

This is the table with primer drying.
Do you see it drying?  :)

I plan to paint the table white with a high gloss white paint.

Now, you get to vote.
Do you think I should glue beads onto the edge?

Still thinking.
Let me know!!


Maggie said...

Miss Pixie is a diva, so jewels are definitely in order. What better jewels than ones made by her mama?

Therese's Treasures said...

Oh yes add jewels Pixie deserves a beautiful sparkly table on which to eat her meals.

Kokopelli said...

Noooo! Although she's a diva, no beads close to food. They could get in there and you don't want her to swallow them. So better not!