Saturday, May 26, 2012

So I put Another Box in the Mail Yesterday...

Thought you might like to see some of the beads I put in the mail.
I'm told that the average stay at Beads of Courage for Beads received is 1.5 days.
i think Butterfly Beads are the exception.
I'm not sure at what point these beads are distributed.
Remember:  Butterfly beads are sent to parents who have lost a child.
This is what I sent in to B

I sent in 51 wire wrapped butterflies this time.

I like to make food beads.
Sometimes the kids relate to these when they can't eat.

Bacon and Eggs are a fun favorite!

Then there's the fist.
I enjoy making fish.

I use up a lot of small pieces of glass when I make fish.
I let gravity melt the colors until they swirl.
The fish come out in different shapes and colors!
I use up old twisties, too!

Then there are the experiments.
I didn't realize that I had the sand being the waves until I was almost finished.
The only solution then was to add a sun to the blue water.
I hope some little one loves this bead!

I also like to make angels.
Who doesn't like angels?

Remember, even if you don't make beads,
you can always make a financial donation.
to learn more!

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ssprockets said...

Wow that slice of pie is awesome! Now I'm hungry.