Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Part of the Science Museum in Chicago! This was a Fun Outing!!!

This exhibit ------------------------>
was the goal when we went to the Science Museum in Chicago.  We got there early enough, so we toured parts of the Museum while we waited for the MythBusters Exhibit to open.

This exhibit was fun!  We saw a tornado, lightning, and lava forming.

Lightning -------------------------->

Lava forming

A tornado was forming

Nick made electricity with his hands.

In another part of the museum, Jenny got her molded train.

I danced with the shadowed lights.

Then, it happened!  The Myth Busters Exhibit opened!
Once inside there was a lot to do!

Nick ran through the rain. 
I walked through the rain.
He didn't get as wet as I did!!!

Nick did pull the tablecloth off the table without moving the dishes!  He was proud of himself.

Shop of Horrors?  No.  This was an experiment in which one of the Myth Busters was buried alive.  No, that's not him.  It was interesting though.

By this time, we were so tired, we knew it was time to go home.  The Science Museum was fun.  It as just one day, but we had fun!!!!


Maggie said...

What fun! My nephew would LOVE that museum. He's a Myth Busters fanatic.

Anonymous said...

What fun Mallory - now I want to go to Kate and Joel's and go to the museum...