Saturday, May 5, 2012

I took the Challlenge, but I did it Wrong! Ooops!

While reading "Copper Glass and Recycled Trash" a week and a half ago, I saw this blog post:  40 dots only Bead Challenge.  This led me to this link, and thank you very much for the information,
Heather Trimlett's page.  I downloaded the information, and I got to work.  I finished making my 40 beads two days ago.  I took a picture, and I sent it to Heather. 

I received a lovely note from Heather talking about needing to start a board on Pinterest for people who think outside the box.  She was very kind and gracious in her note, but said that she would not be able to use my photo because I didn't follow the guidelines properly.

What?  Not use my beads after I had worked so hard on this project!  What?

Well, turns out, I didn't follow the directions properly.  I really didn't.  I missed the part about melting in each dot on the bead.  Ooooops!  I guess that was kind of important!!  Oh, well, it was good practice, and I did get some lovely beads out of the project! 

Thanks you, Heather.  I'll probably try this again, later.  This was a great exercise in glass bead making.  It truly stimulates the creative flow of the muse.  Thanks, also, to Copper Glass and Recycled Trash for posting this on their blog.  I would suggest that if you do make glass beads to give this challenge a try.  Just don't forget the important details like I did!  It was well worth the work!


Maggie said...

Mallory, Those beads are really beautiful! Too bad you are like me and don't read directions carefully enough.

Therese's Treasures said...

Oh well better luck next time, but like you said it was good practice. Now you have a strand of some gorgeous blue and white glass beads.

Laney said...

Made me chuckle!! Glad its not just me that doesn't read things properly. Beautiful beads though, so not a bad thing.

Roberta said...

The beads are gorgeous anyway. I can't keep up with all the challenges out there. I start them and then give up halfway through. Sigh.

ssprockets said...

Directions schmections, the beads make a gorgeous strand.