Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hope the Cancer Warrior Tutorial

I sell this tutorial in my Etsy store.  If you are interested, you can click HERE and I'll send it off to you ASAP!  All the monies raised from the sale of this tutorial go to Jenny to help her with her medical expenses. 

This is a quick and easy wire and bead piece to make.  I also sell kits.  One of them is Hope the Breast Cancer Warrior.  The other is Hope the Blood Cancer Warrior.  The funds from the sale of these kits will also go to Jenny to help with her medical expenses.

As always, I should learn never to put things away!  A lovely person on Etsy purchased one of these Hope tutorials.  She asked me what kind of beads I used to make them.  I replied that I used lampwork beads, but that I thought you could use any type of beads.  The important thing is to make sure that two widths of wire will fit through the hole.  This is very important!  So, I thought, why not show her what beads, other than lampwork, look like when making this project.  Just an FYI, you might have to use more wire if you use bigger beads.  I made some Hope warriors last night using plastic and stone beads.  Here's what they looked like.

I used a colored lentil stone for the body and a round plastic bead for Hope.

Because I used bigger plastic beads, Hope is longer than the other Hopes.  I love the faceted look of the plastic on Hope's body here!

For this Hope, I used a white plastic disc for her upper body and I used a flower disc over a cube of flowers from an old plastic necklace I found.  I love the colors here.

I hope to get these into my Etsy store soon!

Now, back to never putting things away...
I had to search a bit, but I finally found my Hope prototypes in a box I had put away so that when I decided to put these Hopes in my Etsy store, I'd be able to find them right away!
However, I did find them.  
Thank you, Lisa, for asking the question about the types of beads to use!!!

Here is my Hope menagerie in a collage.

Again, I hope to get them all in my Etsy store soon.
I will be selling them for $10, and all the funds from these sales will go to Jenny.
If you would like to purchase any before I list them, 
please email me at
101 rosebud at charter dot net

Just take out the spaces and add the appropriate symbols.
Let me know which Hope or Hopes you would like.
I'll be happy to send you a Pay Pal invoice.
Shipping will be on me.

Hope is something we all need!!
Wouldn't any of the Hopes make a wonderful ornament or pendant?

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