Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Love What I Find When I Clean!

The "Deep Cleaning Bug" has hit, again.
I seem to do a little bit here and a little bit there!
I was cleaning out a desk today.
I was amazed at what I found.

I don't know how many jump drives I've bought to replace these!
They were in the back of the drawer. 
Who would have thought to look there?

You don't know how many Happy Meals my kids had to eat so that I could get this creature.
It was in one of the promotions, and this is the one I wanted.
My kids would actually say, "Do we HAVE to go to McDonalds AGAIN?"
Yes, until I get my toy!!!
Finally, and were they ever glad!!!

Somehow, Hope, always manages to sneak in!
I smiled when I found this in the crevice of another drawer.

This is a card my cousin sent me EONS ago.
It was then I believed that the worst illness was a bad case of the flu.
Anyway, now I look at this card and say,
"Wow!  Look at all the beads on that card!"
I'm keeping this one.

Those are my hands and jewelry!
They were part of an article in the local newspaper about a bead store in town.
This was in my pre bead making days.
The memories flood in to my soul!

Of course, there's more, but that will be for another time.
I'm still looking for the photos that started this deep cleaning!
I sure hope I find them soon.  I'm tired!!!

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Kokopelli said...

Did you clean, too? I reorganized my studio during the last week and I found things I looked for, things I didn't know I had, things I knew I have and things I wanted to use in a project at once. But I managed to finish the reorganization and now have a clean studio (at least until next week *lol*).