Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I wonder Where She Went

I know she was happy and always wanted her way.She had fun with imaginary friends:
Foo Foo, Kastrina and Drinkwater.
They were her playmates because there weren't many kids in the neighborhood.

She lived in an age when it was safe to walk down to the local market and buy candy by herself when she was four. She wasn't alone because her "friends" went with her.
She took her quarter that she had saved and paid for that candy herself.  They would have shared the candy, but her "friends" couldn't eat candy.

She smiled a lot.

She planted seeds in her sandbox.
Imagine her joy when an hour later she found that an orange, an apple and a red chile pepper had grown from the seeds she planted in her sandbox.  Her "friends" were happy, too, when they saw what she had grown.
She took these fruits of her labor and gave them to the family to eat at supper time! 

She sang off key, a lot.  She loved to sing, and sing loudly she did.  Her friends joined in with her all the time.  They all loved to sing!  She loved to read, and she read a lot.  An older neighbor child taught her when she was four.  Foo Foo, Kastrina, and Drinwater all read with her, but they had to be quiet because this was school and she was the teacher! The weather was great, so she and her "friends" played school outside. 

Every night she prayed the Rosary with her grandparents and her mother.  She loved to do that, too. Her friends had to pray then, too, and they did.  They just prayed quietly so no one could hear them.

When sleep came, she fell into a deep, restful, peaceful sleep. Foo Foo, Kastrina and Drinkwater slept in her bed with her.  It was never crowded, and it was nice to have them there.

Each day brought her closer to the time when she would go to school, and she could walk there by herself.
She had more friends at school, so Foo Foo, Kastrina and Drinkwater didn't play with her much anymore.
She had homework, too, so she didn't have time to play school any more.  This was for real. 

Slowly their memories faded.  Where they went, she didn't know.  She just knew they weren't in her life any more.  She sort of missed them, but she was growing up. 

Then one day when she was a lot older, she remembered Foo Foo, Kastrina, and Drinkwater, and she wished she knew where they were.


Beadwright said...

I too had a friend. My grandmother remembered him but I didn't. How strange is that. I look for him as well in my older age.

TesoriTrovati said...

Mallory! That is a beautiful post! I thik that Foo Foo, Kastrina and Drinkwater were just hanging around waiting for you to write this and bring their memory back. I bet they are tagging along with you right now...

Enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

I think that your three amigos should be made into beads for the children who need some friends. I also think that you could make up a little card with your story on it and send one with each bead...becasue now they've come to live with them!