Monday, September 17, 2012

Be Ready, Be Very, Very Ready....

To enjoy a visit to

The puns alone will make you laugh.
The glass will make you smile!!

Maxine has a variety of items in her store,
including a 
Nose Ring.

Yes, she says,
See what I mean?

Do you have difficulty understanding your Mummy?
Well, Maxine helps you to deal with her.
 Do you like sports?
How about bowling?
Maxine does that, too!
I love it!!!

And there's 

Dead end Dollies, 
Part Zombie, Part Gentleman...
Collect them all!
They are collectibles!
See what I mean?
Now, that you're ready,
Be off!
Go enjoy, Maxine's store!!!
And be sure to smile!!!

1 comment:

girlfriday1962 said...

I WUV YOO MS. MALLORY! *hugs from Australia*

Glass By Girlfriday