Monday, September 10, 2012

For those who Have NEVER seen this Before...

Pixie is up and walking!
Yes, I said, 

See, she's standing, not laying down!
We walked a mile today.  
Here's what happened when we got home.

She was tired and ready for her nap.
It was a little bit cool this morning!
Sleep well, sweet Pixie.
Sleep well.
And she did for the rest of the day!


awesome said...

hi there=)
i found your blog a few days ago and..... i love it ! the beads of courage idea ist really cool , not sure we have something alike here in europ , but i m going to check it .
Hope to read soon more in your blog

Sharon Driscoll said...

Yeah for Pixie Marie and MOM. I'm looking forward to walks myself but I'm thinking Pixie is a litte fast for me.