Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This Month's Beads for Beads of Courage

Just thought I'd show you what I've been making.

A few monster and eyeball beads
 Some seasonal colored beads.
See the pumpkin pie?

Always the food beads!
We must have those.

And Lots of red beads.
Now, why all the red beads?
This Sunday
Nick, Sara, Katie, and Bobby 
will be participating in the
Multiple Myeloma Race for the Cure
in St. Paul, MN.
I plan to string the beads into four strands and ask the runners to wear them for the
Beads of Courage kids.
I think they will.
There are so many children with cancer, especially blood cancers.

So, stay tuned!!
You'll see photos of the run either Sunday or Monday.

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