Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Playing with Polymer and getting ready for teh show

I've been playing with polymer clay.
I've always wanted to make a gingko leaf pendant.
The gingko leaf is the sign of hope.
Anyway, here are my latest efforts with the gingko.

These leaves remind me of wood.
I like them, but I think I added too much of the gold mica dust.
I'd wear one of these, though.

Since I took the photo, I've taken off more of the gold mica dust.
However, I like these leaves because they remind me of leaves embedded in stone
I'd wear one of these, too.

I've wanted to make wings for a long time.
I made these
stained glass wings.
I like them.
I'm keeping one of them, and I'm wearing it!!!

So far, these are my favorite wings.
I have to practice making these a little bit more, but
I think this will be the design I want to develop.
I'm keeping one of these, too!
So what do you think?
Would you wear one?

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A Half-Baked Notion said...

You don't have to convince me, Mallory... I think PC is the best thing since sliced bread! Not only is it therapeutic to work with, but you sometimes get neat stuff as a result. I think your creations are very cool!