Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stop the Presses! Save the Date! September 15th!

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know that I am a big supporter of Beads of Courage. 

Beads of Courage is a program that helps children who are sick tell the story of their illness and treatment using beads.  Right now, since sales are slow and I love to make beads, I have only been making beads for Beads of Courage.  The beads I have been making are the Acts of Courage beads that are given to children whose courage has been tried by their treatment of their disease.  This little guy was shipped last week to Beads of Courage.  I'm sure he's already on his way to someone who needs him. 

Acts of Courage beads are bigger than the other beads the children receive.  I try to make the beads from 1.5 inches long to 2 inches long.  Most fall in that range.  During a torching session of 2 hours, I can make 9-10 beads. 

Now, why stop the presses and save the date?  Well, Beads of Courage is hosting an event in which I will participate on SEPTEMBER 15.  It's the Beads of Courage National Bead Challenge Day.  I will be teaming up with the Arizona team to participate at a distance.  The requirements are simple.  I pledged to fire up my torch for 2 hours that day and make beads for Beads of Courage.  I also pledged to send them these beads before October 1.  Easy Peasy!!

If you are a flame worker and would be interested in participating,  (It's easy to sign up!), here's the link.  The form took me, maybe, 5 minutes to fill out! 

My goal on September 15 will be to make 10 or more large beads for the Acts of Courage program.  As I said, I am teamed up with the Arizona team which is the Sonoran Glass School!  I am thrilled that they accepted my request to join them!  So, stay tuned and save the date!  I might even try to make a VLOG that day, but I'm not sure.  We'll see.

I promise to show the beads I made that day after they are cleaned and photographed.  Wooo hoooo!  Go Beads of Courage!!!  

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A Half-Baked Notion said...

Mallory, does BOC only accept glass beads now? When I checked the site a few days ago that is all I saw. Just curious. I would love to make beads but I only work in polymer clay.