Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm Getting Ready for My LAST Show!!!

And I'm thrilled!!!
That is, unless I make A LOT of MONEY,
and then, I'll think about the spring show!!!
So, I decided to think in terms of 10.
I will be taking 10 of my bigger items.
The beads I hope to sell off because people love my work, 
the prices will be very 
I'm just ready to be finished.
Shows are a lot of hard work,
sometimes, they just aren't profitable.
So, here's what I'm doing with bracelets.
I wanted to make 
so I've been playing with copper wire and lots of old beads that I bought.
I want to use them up.

I made some frames.

Each one is unique.

So today, I started to add beads.
The look so much prettier than the photos show.

I still have to add a patina to the copper.

Once the patina is added, and I've cleaned it,
I'll show you the bracelets again.
This is really a work in progress!!!

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Maybeads said...

Those are so pretty, Mallory! I'm loving your wirework!