Tuesday, November 13, 2012

As I Continue to get ready for the Art Show....

What did I get myself into?
I can do this!
I just need to keep working and plugging ahead!
One foot in front of the other.
Step by Step I find my way there.
Here are a couple of necklaces I have been working on.

What do you think I should name this?

I don't often make religious themed jewelry.
I do like this!
What should I name this?

Step by step,
I'll get there. 
I'm on my way.
Maybe not finished 
right now,
but I will be 
one day,
one day
very soon.


Sharon Driscoll said...

Cool necklaces Hoffman! You were on my mind today girlfriend. I went to Traverse City to FINALLY get the new glasses (Yeah, I can see!). But that's not the story - I was thinking about you (cataract buddy) and there in front of me on the road was a car with Minnesota license plates. That's not all - the car was from a dealership called Snell in Mankato. Freaky!!!!

rosebud101 said...

OMG!! That is freaky!!!!