Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stress and Murrini

When I get stressed I make murrini.
I have found that to be a zen activity for me.
My mind flows away from the stress and drifts deeply into the glass.
The designs flow as I work past my stress.
I find myself relaxing and more able to cope with the stress as I make murrini.
Can you tell I have been a bit stressed these past few weeks?
I'm getting ready for the art show.
I won't be taking these with me to the show,
they will be coming to my Etsy store, eventually, along with all the other 
murrini I will have made by show time!
Stay tuned!!!

1 comment:

Juli Cannon said...


What kind of nipper are you using to cut it? I made a couple of murrini rods for a project I have...but don't have a way to cut them. DOH!