Monday, November 26, 2012

Pixie doesn't like her veggies.
Every night, I make Pixie's raw diet.
It sits in the refrigerator until morning.
In the morning, the raw meat has rehydrated and so have the veggies.
They are saturated in the liquid.
As you can see, the liquid and the meat is gone.
However, what is left are the,
you're right,
I have to sprinkle a raw food powder on the veggies, and  then
Pixie will finish most of her veggies.
So, how does Pixie like her veggies?
Well, I can tell you how Pixie likes her sweet potatoes.

Add a little butter and some brown sugar, and
Pixie will eat an entire sweet potato!
That's my girl,
she knows what tastes the best!!
I think I'll have to try this with carrots, too!!!

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