Thursday, November 29, 2012

She Passed!!!!!!

And She's Exhausted!!!!
It was a rough evening!
There were so many little kids there, and they wore her out!!!

Pixie is now a therapy dog!!!

When the paper work is completed, Pixie and I will be able to go to hospitals, nursing homes, and other places where therapy dogs are welcomed.

Whew!!!  I'm glad this over!!! 

Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!  The girl had a big evening, and she's tired!!!!


laurelmoon said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is wonderful! What a truly inspirational thing to do. Go Pixie!!

susanc said...

Yay Pixie! She'll be great and what a wonderful gift to those she will help. :)

Shaiha said...

Yay Pixie! It's a wonderful thing that you and your person going to do.