Thursday, July 31, 2008

We Had Quite a Storm This Morning

I was actually going to write on a different topic today, but then came the storm. It is no joke when I say that the sky darkened, and it was as dark as night. Automatic lights came on. You could hear the thunder in the background as it drew closer, then the storm hit. The winds were extremely strong. I tried to get a picture of the trees being pushed into odd shapes by the wind, but it was too dark for my camera to record. The rain was falling in sheets. It was hard to see. I'm so lucky I was at home. I would have hated to be driving in that weather.
The storm seemed to rage for an hour, but it was only about a half an hour. After the storm ended, I went outside to check for damage. I don't know how or why, but there was no damage in my yard or to my house. However, the neighbors on both sides of me had damage to their trees. I was shocked to see what the storm had done. My neighbor to the left of me had this damage to her tree. The tree is a beautiful one in the fall. I'm not sure it can survive.
My neighbors to the right of me had a big and beautiful maple tree. I was shocked to see the damage the winds had done.
That looked like the extent of the damage in our neighborhood. I walked around my house and checked, but I didn't see any damage. I feel very grateful for that. I found a small branch on my deck. It was nothing significant compared to these trees. I'm sorry about the damage, but I am glad that nothing more was hurt. As I walked around our neightborhood after the storm, I looked up and saw the sun. It's good when things return to normal.


angelinabeadalina said...

I'm always glad to know everyone is okay after a storm like that, and I am always sad to see what it does to the trees, especially what it does to maples.

Rachel said...

Wow, the weather has been especially violent this summer! I'm glad you are your house escaped unharmed!

Deb said...

Oh wow Mallory - that came through fast & furious by the look of things! How wonderful that the sun came out afterwards - there seems to be sense of renewal when you see the sun shine again.
I'm pleased that you& your tree's escaped undamaged.
I'm guess that Spike wasn't a happy fellow!