Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Rest of the Parade

There really was a lot more to this parade than I am able to show you. The best I can do is to give you the highlights of the rest of the parade.

Let's start with our local TV personalities. Here's our local weatherman, Mark Tarello. He was out helping to collect food for the local food shelf.
Here's one of the many interesting "floats" in the parade. It's from the Nicollet County Historical Society, I think.
This is a drum core that marched in the parade. They were fun to watch.
The Shriners made a visit, too.

Here is the Queen and her court!
What do we have left? This was the most interesting "float" in the parade. All I could think about was, "Will the trees catch on fire?" The device is what fills a hot air balloon.
What's this you say? Did the Lancers change clothes and end the parade? The answer is no, they didn't change clothes, but they did end the parade, at least the RETIRED Lancers who returned did.

Last, but not least, comes the cleanup crews. First the boy scouts who collect aluminum cans as a fund raiser. People either throw the cans in the street for pick up or they aim for the basket on the cart.
The final end of the parade is marked by the street cleaners and their machines as they dust off the street at the end of the parade.
A good timem was had by all! Tomorrow, the walk home!

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Maggie said...

I love the Shriners in their little cars! In college I used to be in a group that participated in a parade and the Shriners were my favorites.