Monday, July 7, 2008

Raul and Rosebud

LEST, (my etsy street team) you think this is a story of love and passion about someone name Raul and me, I need to explain that, during my adult life, I have always wanted a cat. When I was a child, I had several cats including Pinky, my most loved cat. Then as a young bride, we adopted Sam, a ruthless Siamese cat who loved to jump out from his secret hiding spot and rip the nylons I was wearing to work. After Sam, we chose dogs for pets. First there was Oliver, our beloved bassett hound. Then we had Bailey, a greyhound who died from cancer a year after we adopted him. Now, there's Spike, and Spike does not like cats. When my daughter brings her cats home to visit, Spike makes sure that they know he does not like Tommy and Marvin. When a neighborhood cat chooses to walk past Spike's window, that cat, who usually torments Spike by choosing to lick himself in certain areas of his body that we shall not mention, is told loudly and clearly by Spike, that he is not welcome in our yard. Knowing that Spike does not like cats does not lessen my desire to own a cat of my own. I have really wanted a cat, but cats have not been welcome in our home until now! I found the perfect cat! His name is Raul. He doesn't cause Spike to bark. Spike doesn't know Raul lives here. Raul is the perfect pet. He doesn't use a litter box. He doesn't eat cat food. Raul simply sits and watches silently, never moving. What kind of cat is this, you might ask? Raul is a Fat Cat made by Teri Persing. There is a link to her etsy store in the side bar. Raul is my cat, and I love him! I saw him one day as I was checking out Teri's etsy store. I knew I had to have him. I bought him, and 3 days later, Raul was mine.

Since the day he arrived, Raul has been in a place of honor in my home. I loved this Fat Cat the moment I saw him. Then, one day, as I was again shopping in Teri's store, I saw her. I knew she would be Raul's soul mate. Her name: Rosebud. How could I not buy that sweet angel of a fat cat! Of course I bought her, and she came to my home. Now, at first, Raul was a little bit concerned about his mail order bride. She is a little bit bigger and taller than him, but , like me, Raul fell head over heels in love with Rosebud. Together, they have been sitting and smiling at each other since the day she arrived.

What I didn't know until today was that they had a little surprise coming. When I opened the package, and it was signed, The Stork, I found not one, but two little fat cats! Raul and Rosebud are the incredibly happy parents of twin girl fat cats, Raulita and Rosita! What joy these little fat cats have already brought to our home. No litter boxes, no food, we just have 4 happy fat cats!
Here's a family photo.
Please meet Raulita, Rosebud, Raul, and Rosita!
They are my 4 happy Fat Cats from Teri Persing. Please check out her etsy store. You won't be sorry!


angelinabeadalina said...

They are such an adorable family! The Stork was very kind to make a Raulita and Rosita :)

Deb said...

Mallory - these are so beautiful! I love your cat family (& how wonderful that they are such 'low maintenance').
What a wonderful, & well deserved surprise :o)

Cindy Gimbrone said...

The kitties make me smile! Love the pink and green ones.