Friday, July 11, 2008

And the Storm Moved In

I absolutely refuse to complain about the weather this summer. I just won't do it after the terribly cold winter we experienced this past year. It's been very hot and very humid for the last two days. It felt like you were swimming underwater when you went outside, and now the storm has moved in bringing much cooler and dryer air. The rain is pouring down. I even hear a few thumps of hail or great big raindrops. The sky is a funny peach color in places. Here's a picture of the storm when it first moved in.

That peachy color in the background is the color of the sky right now. The sirens haven't gone off, so I think we're okay. As the storm drew closer, this is what we saw.
Nature is so beautiful before she unleashes her power over the earth! Now, it's just too dark, but I am thinking that the storm is passing. The thunder sounds farther away. Even Spike is calm. He hates thunderstorms. Wait, I'm wrong, I hear the thunder again.

This photo was taken just before the thunder boomers started. I just looked out the window, and sure enough, more lightning, more clouds moving in. I think we're in for a stormy night. I just hope that Spike lets us sleep. Since he's my dog, I get to stay up with him if he whines and cries about the storm. Oh, well. I'm shutting off the lights and pretending that I'm asleep now. Maybe, he won't notice.


Deb said...

Wow Mallory - that's some pretty impressive cloud formation.
I think we are getting your weather - & you are getting what we should be!

angelinabeadalina said...

You captured the feel of an impending storm in those pictures, very nice to look at from a safe distance :) Hope all is well (and still cooler and less humid) today!

rosebud101 said...
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rosebud101 said...

Angelina, the storm came and went. It wasn't too bad! All is well today. It's nice and cool and dry.