Thursday, July 24, 2008

What We Don't See Is Important, Too!

One day, as I was out walking Spike, I happened to look up in the sky. I saw two banks of clouds, and in the center of those clouds was a streak of bright blue. I remember thinking, "I wish I had my camera." Then I remembered, my new cell phone had a camera! So, as Spike and I continued to walk, I tried to capture that part of the sky with the bright blue in the center of two clouds. I took a lot of pictures, but I didn't look at them until I got home. I imagine my shock when I saw what the camera captured! This "reflection" was not visible to my naked eye, but the camera saw what I couldn't see. What a beautiful sight! It made me think of life. There are so many situations where we see only the surface. I think I have to start looking for what I haven't seen. Just look at that photo. I never would have dreamed the images could be there! Wow! Trust me, other than to shrink this photo to fit in pixels, this photo has not been retouched. It was taken with a cell phone camera!


Deb said...

This is a fabulous photo Mallory - I am so pleased that you have posted it here for everyone who looks to see.
You are so right about what we don't see being just as important as what we do see. :o)

angelinabeadalina said...

It's beautiful :)

Maggie said...

It looks like a dove with its wings outstretched.

Where I used to live there was a spot where Mary is said to have appeared to some people and told them to build a cross on the mountain. People used to go to this area to take pictures of the clouds.

Knew a young lady who did so and not long after died of an asthma attack. Took awhile for her mother to develop the pictures. When I saw them I got goosebumps. There were a few that clearly showed Mary with her veil. Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it.