Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fun Days Parade

I am tired. I walked down the big hill to the Fun Days Parade. Once a year, my little city celebrates Fun Days. There are carnival rides in the park, along with food, a reunion tent, and the beer garden. There is also the Fun Days Parade. The parade usually lasts about 2 hours. This year did not disappoint. The parade is usually full of politicians, kids and adults throwing candy, a few ugly floats, businesses advertising by walking in the parade, young women waving their arms as they celebrate their queenship from their even smaller towns, and a few marching bands. The parade always begins with the Chief of Police leading the parade in his car.
After the Chief of Police comes Old Glory. Of course, everyone stands applauds those who have served our country and are serving our country now!
This year, the District #77 Lancers led the parade. The Lancers are a highly competitive, all school marching band. Every summer, high school students from each of the high schools in the Mankato area unite, travel, and compete throughout the country. Competition is stiff, but the victories seem to flow in from this group. They work hard and they train hard. They have won many difficult competitions through the years. This year has been on exception.

We were extremely lucky this year! The Lancers performed one of their many routines right in front of us! Here's a quick sample.
Next came my favorite section of the band, the drums, and in my opinion, the leaders of the pack!

The audience applauded wildly as the Lancers performed This was only the start of the parade.
More will follow in upcoming blogs.


Maggie said...

What fun Mallory. Small town parades are great. One used to go right by my house and they threw candy also. Loved seeing the kids and adults fight over butterscotch and lollypops.

Deb said...

Look at that fabulous weather & the wonderful bright day. After yesterdays clouds & threat of storm you certainly got the perfect day for it. Looks like fun Mallory - hope no kids were robbed of their candy ;o)

angelinabeadalina said...

Love the pictures, especially of the Lancers' percussion section.

Looks like the name "Fun Days" definitely suits the atmosphere in town.