Sunday, September 13, 2009

All That Love!

I am amazed! How could all of that love fit in such a tiny box?

I brought Spike home. He is now buried where he loved to be the most--by his tree. I'm not sure, but when I placed Spike's ashes in the ground, I thought I felt the brush of angel wings near my face as a gentle breeze began to blow.

How could all of that unconditional love fit in that tiny box? I'll never know.

My neighbors gave me this tombstone for his grave. He'll always be remembered. I just looked outside, and there was a squirrel running over Spike's tombstone. Life goes on. I still wonder how all that love could fit in the ground under that tombstone?

Before I took him outside to rest under his tree forever, I made 3 memory stones. Each one contains a tiny bit of Spike's ashes. There are none to see on the surface. Spike's ashes are contained in the heart of each bead.

Each bead is unique and full of texture. Each side is unique. There will never be any other memory stones like these.

There will never be another Spike!

Spike, I love you, but now I have to let you go. I am moving on. You will always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget you and how you brought us so much joy and so much love when we needed it. Thank you for being such a gift to us and helping us move on when we had to get on with our lives. Now, you are always a puppy. Have fun, my sweet big puppy. Enjoy running without pain and without feeling sick. Thank you for all the blessings you brought to us. Good bye, my Spike.


angelinabeadalina said...

All that love could fit into a tiny box because Spike was magic, just like a mother's know, always big enough to hold and love as many children as there are who need her love. Spike's goodness and love can fit into that box simply because goodness and love are like gases that either expand or compress as needed to fill the space available at the time. And your heart will always, always have room to hold all the people and pets you've loved, Mallory... that means when it is time, another pet will come into your heart, not to nudge Spike out of the way but to cuddle up in the space and help him keep your heart warm.

girlfriday1962 said...

Oh Mallory... *reaches for the Kleenex*

I am sure my Lula and your Spike are looking down at us with the same amount of love as they had when they were here with us!


Louise said...

Hugs are coming your way Mallory. It's so hard to let go of them isn't it, and yet Spike will be in your heart for ever. Just like he is in the heart of your beads.