Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Sweetest Day of the Year!

You see that little, tiny picture on the right side of this page? That's the school where I used to teach. Today, is the sweetest day of the year for me. It's the first day of school.

According to Minnesota law, public school cannot begin until the Tuesday after Labor Day. That's today!

Since I retired from teaching, there are actually two days I call the sweetest days of the year.

Day 1: The first day of teacher workshops
Day 2: The first day of school.

Now, what is your sweetest day of the year?

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Deb said...

Dayum! That means that I have lost two days somewhere along the way.
I know it's been a busy weekend - but who stole my Monday & Tuesday ;o)

That aside I dont think I could pick a single sweetest day or two. There are far too many of them starting when I'm up early enough to see a sunrise, or any day with a beautiful sunset, the first walk along the beach with no cold wind, even a day when I get most of what's on my 'to do' list achieved.

Yep they all have something sweet about them.