Friday, September 25, 2009

Creativity Unleashed or A Look Into My Creative Journal

My creative journal had been getting a little bit dusty when I picked it up at the beginning of the week. I decided it was time to use both the crayons and my journal again. I also decided that it was time to try to preserve some of the gray matter that I have left in my brain, and, perhaps, even get some new synapses growing and connecting. It was time to use my journal, my crayons, and my left hand. (I am right handed.)

The assignments I gave myself were to draw a picture of an item and color it in STAYING IN THE LINES! Oh, my! The photos you are about to see are very graphic. You may choose to turn your head. I'm just kidding. The pictures I drew were not complicated. They were simple with very little detail. I think a first grader would have done better than me.

Here's what I learned: 1) Drawing with my left hand was hard. 2) Writing with my left hand was hard. 3) Staying in the lines was even harder. Take a look.

My first assignment was to draw and color a flower. I think the words are readable, but see if you can tell.
My next assignment was to draw a fish.
My last assignment was to draw a sunset. I do like this one the best.
I could feel my brain warm up, and I could hear the crackle of those synapses connecting. No, not really, but this was an interesting assignment for me.

Do you ever do anything like this?

1 comment:

Manuela said...

I think you did good, you´re on the right way :-) with the left hand.
I am left handed .... and know how it feels to do something with the right hand.