Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Happy Birthday, Jenny!

I remember that little girl that used to give me a chin when she got mad at me. When I told her to stop, she would, but then she'd give me an elbow.

I knew when she was 2 days old, I'd have my hands full, and I did! We were told, as new parents, to keep our babies bundled. I did. Then, on day 2, I saw that determined little look on her face, and her hands were out of her bundle.

Now, I see a beautiful, young woman so full of potential and unconditional love!

I know I'm in trouble when I hear, "Mother!" I used to be calleld Mum when she was young. Times have changed. Our lives have changed, but this will never change.
I love you! Nick loves you!

Happy Birthday, Jenny!


angelinabeadalina said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! I love your mother's description of your determined personality-- the chin, the elbow, LOL. Hope your day is filled with all sorts of goodness and your year is the best one yet!

Manuela said...

She is sooo beautiful! Happy Birthday Jenny, you can be proud of your mother :-)and the love that speaks through her words describing you.