Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Journey - Taking the Wrong Way

We've all done it. We've gone the wrong way at some point in time. Sometimes we see the sign, and sometimes we don't. We've taken a left instead of a right, or we've taken a right instead of a left. We end up where we thought we weren't supposed to be, but then we find that, maybe, just maybe, we were supposed to be here all along. These turns and twists in the road cause my anxieties to elevate. When I get where I'm going, then I look back. It was where I was supposed to be. Have you ever done that? How do you feel when you take the wrong turn?


angelinabeadalina said...

Well, I know this is a serious discussion, but I have to tell you that I've literally turned the wrong way down a one way was a long time ago, but I feel a mixture of mortification and amusement every time I see a Wrong Way sign.

Hope the answers are sorting themselves out for you.

Momma Goddess Treasures said...

Yep, I've taken the wrong turn, and not just literally! I'm in the process of finding where I am as we speak. When I figure it out, I hope that I find that I'm where I am supposed to be. You are so wise . . . Trudy