Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy News

Between the evening news and the onset of the gore and blood now associated with Halloween, I find it necessary to, sometimes, find more positive views of life in the world. One site I have found, and I know it sounds so corny, is called Happy News.

Some of the stories include the story of an 88 year old woman who walked 10,000 miles in memory of her husband who died from Alzheimer's Disease 11 years ago. Amazing, isn't it? I feel uplifted just thinking of that kind of love.

Another story talks about a man who saved another man's life after watching a segment on the Today Show about CPR.

Another source of Good News is the Good News Blog. Again, the emphasis is on the positive side of life. This story is called: Baby Twins Survive Pre-Birth Surgery.
That just makes me feel good thinking about it.

How much do we hear about the way teens misbehave? Read this story about a Jullaion Jones, Teen Hero, Who Used His Body To Shield A Six Year Old from Bullets. That really makes me feel good.

Take a peek at these sites, especially when you feel down. They are great! We need more news like this.


Manuela said...

Happy News - that what we all love, me too :-).
Lifes seems to get here happy ... the sun is shining and I am preparing for leaving to Holland this weekend.
Wish you a Happy Halloween and a happy weekend.

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love happy news!

kelleysbeads said...

Thanks for these sites, Mallory, they are awesome! Ever since I had kids, I have not been able to watch the news. There are just too many bad stories on the air. This is wonderful!