Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tea Leaf, Snow, and Daughter, too

Today I visited my daughter. Impulsively, as the rain began to change to snow, we decided to visit a small cafe on Grand Avenue. The flakes were wet, heavy, and clung to our hair as we ventured into the Tea Leaf for a cup of warm tea.

Decorated in college decor, with a touch of the Orient, the Tea Leaf welcomed us as we shared a table, still watching the rain's metamorphosis into larger, wetter, and heavier chunks of snow.

The snow wasn't sticking when our tea was served.

Ooolong was the choice of the day. It warmed our hands and our insides, too!

And the rain changed to snow more quickly than we anticipated.

Klunkity-chunk! Klunkity-chunk! The snow fell all the way home. Klunkity-chunk-chunk-chunkity- chunk.

Thicker and thicker fell the snow. Plop! Thunk! Splat!

Trees lush with gold framed the falling, frozen crystals in October.

Yet, it's wonderful weather for November! Looks like it will be a cold winter, but today was warm and cozy.

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