Saturday, October 17, 2009

Senior Citizen Day at the Mall

It must be senior citizen day
I thought as I walked in the mall,
Oh, how I don't fit in That group,
Two tables pulled together
As the gray brigade of ladies
Sat playing cards and laughing,
Poker, I wondered?
Then, across the center of the mall
Where the disabled young man
Cleaned tables with pride,
Hi, Adam, I said,
He waved back at me and smiled
Happy in his work,
A former student,
A successful young man,
Were more tables pulled together and
Couples with hair that had grayed
Sat and laughed and talked,
Near another group of men
Talking about the good old days
I'm so glad I'm me and not them
I mused,
Then I heard,
It was one of my friends,
sitting at a table
Where the hair was gray!
I waved and ran away.

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