Monday, October 19, 2009

It has to be the slippers!

I used to have another pair of torching slippers, but they wore out, and now, I have another pair of torching slippers. Some days, when I put them away, I can't find them, so I have to use an old pair of shoes. When I do have to wear shoes instead of my slippers, things don't work the way they should.

I've had a love/hate relationship with Chalcedony glass by Gaffer. For the longest time, the only color I could get from this glass was a red brown color. After seeing what other people have done, I found that very discouraging. Then, one day, when I was wearing my slippers, it happened. The colors popped like they had never popped before! I got color from my Chalcedony glass! It had to be the slippers!

Yesterday, when I torched, I couldn't find my slippers. Look what happened! One bead fell of the mandrel, and the other bead wouldn't strike! I'm telling you, it's the slippers!

Today, which was really yesterday, I located my slippers. Look at the difference in my beads!

I nearly cried when I saw the colors pop from this bead. I'm telling you, it has to be the slippers!

Look at the colors in this bead! OMG, it's the slippers, I know it is!

When I made this bead, I was wearing my slippers. Look at the colors and the flow of the glass! Amazing! The problem was that when I took this bead off the mandrel, I wasn't wearing my slippers. The bead slipped out of my hand as I took it off of the mandrel. It fell and broke on the ceramic tile floor.

I'm telling you, it has to be the slippers! There's no doubt in my mind! I'm keeping those slippers for as I can!!


Leah said...

great slippers! they serve you well - in way you would never imagine :)

today I left the house in my slippers. woops.

Cindy said...

I hear ya! Don't mess with what works..and it MUST be those slippers! Your new beads are just beautiful!!! That's too bad that last one cracked..I love the swirl in it. What gorgeous new beads!!

Rebecca said...

Thank you for stopping by and saying hello, it is so nice to meet you.
I would keep wearing the slippers~
Have a wonderful week