Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Accept the Challenge!

I hope, in a week, to show some photos of what I made, and I am being challenged! Thank you all who left comments!

The winners seem to be tree beads, roses, hollow beads, and white enamel! (There was also an invitation to visit Germany for inspiration, but I am thinking I might become a permanent guest in that studio because I would want to fondle all the beads! They are amazing!)

My goal will now be to produce tree beads with roses, enamels, and, a hollow with a tree bead on it! Yikes! That might be a tough one, but it's a wonderful challenge! I hope to post these beads in a week, October 20th. I hope I can.

You will see my efforts whether they are good, bad or ugly. This is really going to help me grow! Thank you!


Manuela said...

Wow, I cannt await to see what you come up with, it´s exciting, isn´t it?
My advice: only a little bit of whit enamel as your last step .. don´t cover it too much :-).

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Manuela! I will remember that. Does the enamel require low heat?