Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shopping Etsy - Masks

With Halloween being so near, I thought it would be fun to shop Etsy. This time I used the word "mask" in my search. There were a lot of interesting finds. See what you think.

The first find of the day comes from Faerywhere's shop. This mask is given the title of "Gothic Medusa Leather Mask, Golden Russet." Isn't that an amazing mask? Wow!

Going to the other extreme in masks, I saw in DoodleBug's Fun Fabrics Store some great sleep masks. How about this one? It's an Eco Friendly Bamboo Sleep Mask.
It's made with 100% organic cotton and bamboo fabrics! Love it!

Traveling through the spectrum of masks, here is another. It's from Spa Therapy.
Mask Therapy- Sea Clay Detox Facial for Oily Skin Full of Sea Minerals and Vitamins.

Doesn't that just sound wonderful? What a way to relax.

On the other end of the spectrum, from the store The Art of Lauren Minco, how about this mask? It's called Rockin' Bird!

Now, that is cute!

I am so amazed by the items you can find shopping on line just by using the search. I love masks! How about you?


Miss Val's Creations said...

The Medusa mask is fantastic!!!!

Sydney Austin Designs said...

Love the mask!

Pretty Things said...

I want that mask!!!!! Oh I love them. When I lived in Venice, I wanted all the Carnivale masks, but I was practically penniless so could only look and love.

But then, I was in VENICE, so that was ok! :-)