Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just playing around and melting glass--Again!!

This is a bead I made using chalcedony and denim blue. Both glasses come from Gaffer, of course!
I think, but I'm not sure, the dark blue in this bead is a reaction between the chalcedony and the denim blue glass.

Here's another view of the same bead.

I call this one Zulu! It reminds me of a zulu mask.
Isn't the mottling great?

This one I called Mottle.
Isn't the webbing gorgeous?

Now, the question becomes, what to do with them? What do you think?

Before I forget, this is the last day to register for the blog give away. Assuming I don't forget, the winner will be announced tomorrow!

1 comment:

Louise said...

Neat reactions in the zulu bead Mallory, but I have to say the Chalcedony one is absolutely gorgeous!!! drooooool....