Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beads of Courage and Butterflies

In my opinion, Beads of Courage is one of the most empowering organizations for children who are ill. Each child in the program receives a bead for each step of their treatment program. Colors are important for Beads of Courage because they are treatment milestones of progress to these young people who are so very ill.

Purple hearts are given to children at the start of their treatment programs. There is always a need for purple hearts.

As treatments progress, and even after treatment is completed for these courageous children, death does happen. I cannot imagine a parent's grief as they loose a child.

Beads of Courage is also here for these grieving parents. Butterflies, a symbol of peace and hope, are given to parents who have lost a child. Please look at the Beads of Courage website. There are many ways to help. Your heart will be touched by the courage of these wonderful children and their parents.

I make 2 butterflies each time I torch. I've started to wire wrap them now, too, but I do know that butterflies are welcomed by this organization wrapped or not.


Miss Val's Creations said...

This is a wonderful organization. Thank you for sharing!

The Dreaming Bear said...

Amazing the strength such little ones can possess, isn't it? Thanks for sharing this info...I hadn't heard of it before. Hope you are doing well this winter.

Pretty Things said...

one of the things I hope to get good enough to make is butterflies for this very cause.

Julie Nordine said...'s such a wonderful idea to know that each time you sit down to torch, you're going to make a couple butterflies. The group is getting together this weekend to make butterflies...I've never made one, maybe I'll practice beforehand.