Thursday, January 14, 2010

My goal to develop and send out a newsletter

was thwarted by a broken computer! My laptop, with my lists, is now on its way to Houston, Texas, where it will be repaired. It won't be back until February, so I decided to use this blog as my newsletter for January and, most likely, February.

I am offering two specials for the rest of January in my Etsy Store.

1) For my returning customers!!!
I love you all! I am offering 10% off of your entire order if you are a returning customer.

a) When you go to the checkout, DO NOT PAY until you receive a revised paypal invoice!

b) To insure that I know you are a returning customer, when you check out, write IMBACK in the note to the seller. I will then calculate your discount and send you a new paypal invoice. Then, you may pay!

And that's not all!!!!

2) This special is for EVERYONE!

All my discs will be on special for 10% off.

a)Again, DO NOT pay at checkout! I'm not going to mark them down in my Etsy store. I will calculate your discount on the revised paypal invoice.

b) In the note to the seller write
DISCS. I will then send you a revised paypal invoice. Then, you can pay.

If you order discs from me, and that's all you order, you will end up receiving a 20% discount on your order. Not bad for someone who comes back for a visit.

So. go shopping! Enjoy!

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Pretty Things said...

I could SOOOO see those two pictures melded together -- a charm bracelet with shells and the seaglass colors of the disks. Yummy.